Carers Card

Dorset Carers Hub members can now benefit from free exclusive access to over a thousand perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands and local businesses.


The perks platform, powered by Carers Card UK, covers all aspects of life from entertainment, technology, travel, automotive and more.


The free perks platform is a great addition to the services we provide our members, saving them money and spreading a little bit of happiness can only be a good thing. We are delighted to launch our new perks platform in partnership with Perkjam."



There are two payment choices:

£9.99 for the digital version which can be downloaded to your mobile phone or,

£14.99 for the physical and digital card versions combined.

Either cards have a validity period of 2 years giving you access to many local and national perks and discounts, as well as access to an online wellbeing hub full of body and mind applications and articles to keep you as healthy as possible all for no extra cost.


The card doubles up as an in case of emergency (ICE) card as it has an emergency contact name and number should anything happen to you, helping your cared for person to get the support they need as soon as possible.


Over the next couple of months we will be adding more and more local businesses offering discounts and perks to carers using our Carers Card.

To view all perks and start saving visit -