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World Theatre Day

Updated: Mar 30

It's been a one long year for us all, the fear, the loneliness and all the step forwards that come with all the set backs, was this year ever going to end and would we ever reclaim all that we lost? For many of us effected by the pandemic, it's honestly never going to be the same again. For so many industries out there, they have paid the ultimate price and lives will have changed forever. Now imagine for a second that after your set of night shifts, or a day spent with loved ones that you couldn't relax and unwind, whether thats binging the latest TV series online or listening to that album that someone special gifted you. Without the arts where would we find the ability to escape and relax?

On March 27th the world will be celebrating World Theatre Day, it's rather fitting that just this week saw the one anniversary since all theatres in London closed their doors, all thinking that at the time it would be for 2 maybe 3 weeks. Livelihoods were under pressure and dreams that young students, fresh out of theatre school would be able to pursue their ambitions in landing a role within some of our most favourite stage productions were dashed.

Just as so many of us have found out during this year, we can adapt when under pressure and the ways in which the Theatre industry have used tools such as online screenings and Zoom fundraisers to keep their staff in some form of paid work has been pretty inspiring. We have been able to access certain Andrew Lloyd Webber productions free of charge on certain online platforms.

If like us you can't wait for local and national Theatre companies to reopen then here's just a few of our favourite things when it comes to all things musical and what we're excited to go see once again.

  1. Hamilton

  2. Dear Evan Hanson

  3. Everybody's talking about Jamie

  4. Kinky Boots

  5. Waitress

  6. Cats

  7. Six

  8. Les Mis

  9. Lion King

  10. Matilda

And JAZZ HANDS!!!!!!!!!!