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World Forestry Day

Updated: Mar 23

International Day of Forests Every 21 March since 2012 has been designated as a UN observance called “International Day of Forests”. It was established by the UN General Assembly as a day to appreciate the importance of forests and of trees to our world and to raise awareness of the threat of runaway deforestation.

How will you mark the day?

  • Organize or join events celebrating forests: tree plantings, symposiums, art exhibitions, photo competitions or host a student debate. Don’t forget to tell us about it at IDF@fao.org and send us photos so we can add them to the gallery of events happening around the world.

  • Share the logo, banner and posters - available in 13 languages

  • Join the conversation on social media using the #IntlForestDay hashtag. Pass on some of this year's key messages or take a photo of your favourite forest and share it with us and your friends.

World Forestry Day 2020: 21st March, Theme, Celebration, Save Forest Campaign (iaspaper.net) - check this link out for more information.

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