World Bipolar Awareness Day: March 30th 2021

World Bipolar Day takes place every year on March 30. This year we are urging members of the public across the UK to use social media to help share information and get the event's hashtags trending.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that affects over 1m people in the UK alone. It is a very serious condition and the NHS service provision is severely lacking in many areas leaving people affected with nowhere to turn.

We are trying to ensure that every single time an issue is raised on our eCommunity, for example, it is responded to as soon as possible. Our method of assisting people centres around peer support A lot of people have been able to assist by supporting us with a one off donation. You can donate online.

If you have a social media account use the hashtag today on #worldbipolarday and let's get people talking about mental health matters. Follow the link attached to find out more on the importance of talking about Bipolar.

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