national potato chip day

America’s #1 snack food, potato chips, is recognized on March 14 annually. Potato chips are thin slices of potato either deep fried or baked until crunchy. Potato chips are a predominant part of the snack food market in English-speaking countries, especially in America. On National Potato Chip Day, this snack will be enjoyed by millions of people across the country, so why not make sure you participate in the potato chip snacking fun?

Make your Crisps

  • 3 Large potatoes - I like to use Russets for white potatoes. Sweet potatoes also work too.

  • 1 litre peanut oil

  • Sea salt or Kosher salt


  1. Slice the potatoes into very, very thin rounds with a mandolin slicer. The slices work best if they are about 1.3 mm. Put the slices into a large bowl and rinse well with cold water and then drain. This helps to remove some of the starch and they will fry better.

  2. To keep the slices from browning, either leave them in the water until you are ready to fry, or place them in a clean tea towel and roll it up while you fry the batches.

  3. Heat a pot of peanut oil to 350F (180C), and fry the dried chips in small batches. Do not overfill the pot. If you do, the chips with stick together and end up soggy. We want perfectly crispy potato chips when we are done.

  4. Be careful not to overfill the pot, or your chips will stick together and have soggy spots. They only take a minute or two to fry until they are light golden brown. You will know when they are ready to come out when the bubbling oil calms down a little.

  5. Remove the chips with a slotted spoon, and place on a wire rack with a paper towel under it to drain.

  6. Put the potato chips into a large bowl and sprinkle with Mediterranean sea salt or Kosher salt. Serve immediately. They will keep for a day or two but are best served right after you make them.

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