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national Old stuff day and national doddle day today

Old Stuff Day is all about…well, old stuff. Bits and bobs that have been gathering dust for ages in your home, trinkets, and toys up in the attic, antiques and old electronics – you’re bound to have some old stuff knocking about. And today is all about appreciating it. Because what’s better than uncovering something really awesome from days gone by?

It’s so easy to let things gather dust. If we don’t use them every day, some things can get pushed to the side and stay there. And that’s not just the things in your home – technology advances so quickly, new toys come out all the time, new books are constantly being published. In the age of new information, it isn’t easy to stay mindful of what built the foundations for what we have now. Today is all about remembering the things we sometimes leave behind.

What is Doodle Day?

Every year, a selection of famous faces from the worlds of art, sport and entertainment pick up their pens, paints and pencils to create one off doodles. These doodles are auctioned off to the highest bidder following a 3 day eBay auction.

This is your opportunity to take home a truly unique piece of art by a famous celebrity. Whilst also helping to ensure everyone affected by epilepsy has access to the support they require, when they need it most.

By doodling and donating, your support will ensure that the 600,000 people living with epilepsy have access to specialist advice, quality healthcare and can live free of stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

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