May 17th Rollout

There are new things you can do from today.

  • From Monday 17 May, groups of up to 6 people or 2 households can meet indoors, which also includes for overnight stays. Up to 30 people can meet outside in groups.

  • Indoor hospitality including pubs, restaurants, and cafes can reopen. Entertainment venues including cinemas, theatres and museums are also able to reopen.

  • People will be able to attend indoor and outdoor events, including live performances, sporting events and business events. Organised indoor sport will be able to resume.

  • There will no longer be a legal restriction or permitted reason required to travel abroad. There will be a traffic light system for international travel.

For further information from .GOV on what you can and can't do please click here

Lastest figures on COVID infection rates throughout Dorset have fallen by 4 case (1.1 per 1000,000) with no deaths recorded in the last 7 days. This does not mean we can become complacent, we must still follow the HANDS, FACE, SPACE rules when we are out, especially when we are in crowds of other people.

A reminder of the HANDS, FACE, SPACE rules; wash your hands regularly and/or apply hand sanitiser, always wear a mask and try to keep at least one metre from others at all times.