Latest vaccine update

Dorset has now passed the 1-millionth dose given; however, the vaccination programme is starting to slow down due to challenges around engagement of younger people. If you know of anyone over the age of 18 that has not registered to receive their vaccinations then please encourage them to do so. It is important that as many people as possible get vaccinated as this helps to protect the NHS and as a result the vulnerable in our community.

It is important to be that everyone over the age of 18yrs is vaccinated, the vaccination given is likely to be the Pfizer one unless they have previously had the AstraZeneca as their first dose.

More and more appointments are being added to the booking systems to increase the choice of locations and times that are convenient for people. Bournemouth University is offering walk in clinics and so far pop up clinics have been very popular – see further details here.

Number of doses

The percentage of first vaccination doses that have been given so far are approx. 87.2%, the target figure is 90% so the amount of people who have received their first vaccines in Dorset is sitting just under that target figure. Second doses that have been given are sitting at approx. 67.7%, the target figure for second doses is 62% so Dorset have already exceeded this target.

Case numbers are rising in Dorset with much higher numbers seen in the younger age groups. The vaccines have weakened the need for hospitalisation, but this is now impacting on primary care services as more people are turning to their GP for advice and support. There are also higher numbers of people accessing hospital A&E departments so to help alleviate the impact here are a few alternatives for you to use when needed:

Call 119 for details about vaccinations, booking dates and queries around how long you need to isolate for.

Call 111 for any medical advice such as concerns around symptoms you may have or how to treat yourself at home.

For further advice visit