Latest COVID-19 information

As of today, restrictions are lifted. Many people will be looking forward to enjoying more freedoms, but with cases rising we know that many will also be feeling anxious about the coming weeks and months.

Although restrictions are being lifted, the pandemic is not over and the risks from COVID-19 have not disappeared, so it’s important to consider situations carefully and make informed choices about the things we can all do to keep ourselves and others safe. Minimising contact, wearing a face covering in crowded spaces and meeting outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces are important for reducing the spread of the virus. If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, even if they’re mild you must book a PCR test and self-isolate whilst you wait for the result.

It's important to remember that there is no change to self-isolation rules from Monday 19 July so anyone who is currently self-isolating must continue to complete their full isolation period.

Latest figures for the Dorset Council region show cases are still rising going from 365 (96.4 per 100,000) to 581 (153.5 per 100,000) recorded cases over the last 7 day period. Figures for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole also show cases continuing to rise, although slower than seen in Dorset Council area, going from 936 (236.8 per 100,000) to 979 (247.6 per 100,000)

The NHS is now inviting everyone over 18 to bring their second dose appointment forward to eight weeks to ensure everyone has the strongest possible protection from the Delta variant at the earliest opportunity; receiving the second dose at least eight weeks after the first offers the best protection.

The National Booking Service (NBS) has been updated too, so anyone who books their appointments through NBS will be offered their second dose appointment 56 to 84 days after their first dose appointment. Further details are available here.

If you have attended a walk-in or pop-up session and already had an appointment booked via the NBS, please remember to cancel it by going online or by calling 119.

Vaccines and regular testing are the best way to protect everyone from coronavirus (COVID-19) so we can do the things we love, with the people we love.

There’s still time to have your jab if you haven’t had yours, or you have changed your mind. You can grab your jab at walk ins and vaccine clinics across Dorset. Take a look at:

It’s also important to have your second dose.

Testing and vaccines work together to help us live the way we want to. There's still a chance you could catch or spread COVID-19 after you’ve had your vaccine, so it’s important to test regularly too. This checks you’re not infectious and unknowingly spreading the virus.

Lateral flow testing is free, quick and easy. Order your tests online or collect kits from a local pharmacy. By taking your tests twice a week you can protect those around you and help keep life moving.