In Conversation with: Stuart Semple

Last week we sat down in conversation with Bournemouth born artist Stuart Semple, best known for works based on ideas around youth politics, accessibility and democracy. We invited him to take part in our podcast to chat all things art and mental health.

Over this past year we have all experienced the highs and lows within our own mental health and wellness as the pandemic meant that more and more of our freedoms were restricted to the point where staying at home was the only way to save the lives of loved ones. The pandemic didn't stop the way in which we work, we continued to support our service users and understood the importance of reaching out to the community, regardless of what role you were playing at the time.

What we have found is through creative projects and some time to ourselves, we were able to manage our mental health and cope with certain pressures applied to our lives throughout the lock down. Art plays such a key role in our mental wellbeing, allowing us to escape from the bounds of reality and produce work that often reflects our inner most protected dreams. Art is a way to express yourself in ways that we might otherwise struggle.

You can watch the conversation with Stuart over on our Youtube channel using the link attached, please feel free to share the video and if you have any thoughts on the topics discussed then please start a conversation down in the comments section.

To find out more about the artist you can head to Stuarts website using the link below.

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