Healthier Together - A Community Initiative

An exciting and new website developed by parents and healthcare professionals from across Dorset, Hampshire and The Isle Of Wight, full of resources and clear information on common childhood illnesses, including advice on what 'red-flag' signs to look out for, where to seek help if required, what you should do to keep your child comfortable and how long your child's symptoms are likely to last.

Core Principals of Healthier Together

  1. Parents feel empowered about whether and when they need to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

  2. Parents are clearly signposted to appropriate healthcare services when required.

  3. At every point of contact, the healthcare practitioner (doctor, nurse, paramedic, pharmacist) should have a clear understanding of the limits of their own competence and when and where to seek guidance.

  4. Parents should receive consistent and appropriate advice across the whole urgent care system.

  5. Standardisation of local referral pathways and clinical guidelines across the whole acute care system, which are understood by all healthcare practitioners.

  6. Effective communication and information sharing between healthcare practitioners and services across the whole acute care system should be in place.

The website aims to bring together a community of parents and healthcare professionals to allow a greater collection of people to come together under one site to start a conversation with their Childs health at the centre of its values.

Follow the link below to access the website.

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