Friday 8th March 2019

Today was our second hub meet up which saw 12 carers come together to discuss concerns and needs they had on various topics.

We are glad to say that it was another productive event whereby we provided solutions to a few problems carers had which they had been struggling with alone. It is very lovely to know that even just two weeks in, we have been able to help several carers who had been struggling with no information being fed to them from elsewhere and no idea where they could have got the help they needed. This hub was created to support all carers across Dorset and it is our mission to help as many carers as possible so if you know of any carers that may be struggling then tell them about the Dorset Carers Hub which meets at:

The Storehouse Church

Some of today's carers

Cambridge Road



on Friday mornings between 10am and 12 noon

or send them over to our webpage at where they can contact us for more information.

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