Dorset Carers Hub Podcast

Whether you're at work, in the bath or on the bus, you can find ways in which to take Dorset Carers Hub with you wherever you are these days via the Dorset Carers Hub Podcast. Series One of our podcast so far consists of 6 episodes led by Mark in covering topics that are particularly relevant at this moment in time.

We have been lucky enough to have sat down in conversation with local MP Chris Loader, in Ep.5 we did a question and answer session with Chris to talk about some of the problems carers encounter on a daily basis. What inspired us most about our time with the West Dorset MP was his empathetic stance on care for carers and his action when it came to speaking up for the importance of the matter within the house itself.

In Ep.6 we had the amazingly talented local born artist Stuart Semple speak to us, we felt that being based where we are in Dorset, this was an incredible privilege to be able to use our local connections and concerns regarding Mental Wellbeing in the county. As well as sharing his ideas of the importance of art and it's benefits during times like this, we were also fan girling pretty hard over just how exciting the potential of finding a future where we can build a relationship with Stuart that can see art supporting mental wellbeing and mental wellbeing supporting artists.

So as you can see the conversations we are having are varied and important, we feel passionate about discussing matters that are important to our values and those people that we support. We love hearing from those who can appreciate the work that we carry out, those than can respect our values and be inspired by our vision. The ability to speak to members of our community who are willing to support us has meant that our voice will be heard in areas in which real change can happen.

The Dorset Carers Hub podcast has been created with our service users in mind, however as you will find out, the conversations are crucial and topics are varied, it doesn't matter who you are or what role you play within our communities, these insights into what we do and who we are can inspire anyone to get involved or find the motivation to help themselves. So give it a listen, share it with friends/family/co-workers. Leave us a review and comment on ways in which you would like to see this grow and evolve.

The podcast is available on most streaming sites or direct from our website with a link below that will take you straight there.

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