British Summer Begins!!

Longer days, warmer temperatures and better moods, the start or Summer signifies so much to so many of us, whether you enjoy getting out in the garden a lot more, or just opening your windows to allow in that warm summer air to fill your room. Whatever it is that you need from this time of year, its yours for the making. Allowing ourselves to get excited over the changing of the seasons seems like a irrational concept, however for many of us who struggle with the long drawn out winters, it really is a massive mood booster and crucially for our mental wellbeing, if just seeing the Sun can improve our wellbeing and fill our days with a little joy then we say bring it on!

The Suns' rays can be a great source of Vitamin D, through exposing ourselves to its beams we are unconsciously topping up our bodies to help support our bones, teeth and muscles. We now understand why it was that our parents would always demand we go play outdoors as kids during the summer holidays.

This Summer is going to be a very different one compared to previous years, there was us thinking that last year might be the only year that disruption to our lives would lead to more holidays at home, but here we are again with the idea that we might be looking to book holidays closer to home this year. And we say lets celebrate that, here in Dorset we are privileged to have such stunning areas of natural beauty right on our doorsteps, so whether its a weekend away camping or 'glamping' if you need a little extra comfort, or perhaps just a picnic amongst the many green spaces that cover Dorsets countryside, we say go for it.

Lets not forget that it all begins with a touch of time travel this weekend, unfortunately for us it's the one where we loose an hour in bed or perhaps you see it as an extra hour to your day! But just remember that this Sunday 28th March the clocks will be going forward an hour in recognition of BST. Don't be alarmed when your body clock is slightly out, it's just getting used to the change.

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